AutoFocus+ PRO v1.5 Released

Finally, AF+PRO version 1.5 is released — and it’s only 2 months behind schedule (D’oh!). It’s jam-packed with a ton of new and highly requested features to make posting photos quicker and easier. Let’s take a look at some of the new features:

New Flickr Integration

There’s no way for me to make the claim that this theme is for Photographers while ignoring Flickr — the leading online photo management tool. Many photographers use Flickr on a daily basis much in the same way I intend for them to use AF+. However, when it comes to using AF+, photogs often dread the thought of having to re-upload their images to WP just to use the theme. In AF+ PRO v 1.5, this is no longer an issue due to the wonderful constructs of the Flickr API and the PHPFlickr script. Now you can add Flickr Sets directly to your posts without having to upload them to WordPress! Check out this post, to see how it works.

Better Post Date/Title display options.

This was a highly requested feature since the original release of AF+ PRO. I’ve re-written the script here so that you can choose between 4 different display modes for your post dates and titles. I’ve also removed the “Anchor Image” from Blog posts so that visually, your Blog feels more like a blog.

Thumbnail Cropping

This was another highly requested feature that took a while to figure out. With the Portfolio Layout, the thumbnails are a nice friendly size, but when scaled down and auto-cropped, the images can’t shine like how they need to. With AF+ PRO v1.5 you can now make custom cropped thumbnail images on the front page which makes a world of difference (Portfolio View Only). Check out the documentation for instructions.

Tons more

Checkout the documentation page for the full list of improvements along with a change log.

AND if you haven’t already, get your copy of AutoFocus+ PRO today!