AutoFocus FAQ

1. Why are my images Duplicated/Doubled/Repeated?

AutoFocus, grabs the last uploaded image from your posts and places it on the Home page and Single posts above the title. This is done automatically so you do not have control over this functionality. You DO, however, have control over the post content which is where you add text and supportive images. You have to make sure that the last uploaded image is placed at the very top of your posts so that it looks like this. AutoFocus 0.9.7 will then automatically remove that top image from the posts on your blog (which effectively hides the ‘duplicated’ image), and displays the last uploaded image above the post title on single pages. The trick is to not make things more complicated than they need to be.

This posting diagram should help out as well.


2. Why are the first two images on the front page not aligned?

There are 2 casues for this.

  1. You probably need to add a description to you blog, which fixes the image alignment AND helps a little with SEO (In a future version of AutoFocus, this will be fixed).
  2. Unfortunately, this theme does not play well with The Next Gen Gallery plugin, which has been reported to cause the issue. I have no idea why.

3. Is there any way to control how the images get cropped on the front page.

Unfortunately, no. At best you can edit the CSS to show the 'bottom left' or 'top right' of an image as opposed to 'center center' which is the default.

4. Why am I getting weird css and style code in the descriptions on the home and archive pages. What’s the deal, yo?

If you are getting weird gallery shortcode CSS in your excerpts on the home page and archives, simply add some text to the Excerpt content area of your post and all should be well.

5. How do I remove the EXIF data?

Simply remove this line from image.php:
< ?php grab_exif_data() ? >


Remove this line from single.php
< span class="attachment-link" >< ?php link_to_attachment(); ? >< /span >

6. How come I don’t have a sidebar?

AutoFocus is not your typical blogging theme. I wanted it to be a simple theme that really focused on photographic content. To me the typical sidebar display was a distraction to this goal so I have only included it as an optional custom template that you can use on a separate page. To do this you first need to create a page called Archives (any Page name will work). Then find the Attributes section of the edit screen and select “Archives Template” from this template dropdown menu. Update/Save the page and you now have a page that will display two sidebar areas to your users.