Boumatic is a three column WordPress child theme for the Thematic theme framework by Ian Stewart. Child themes are much better explained here but essentially they allow you to create theme layouts and designs without editing the source theme’s template files. Makes things really easy when it’s time to upgrade your theme files. The name, Boumatic comes from the concept of Boumas in typography. When reading, people can recognize words by deciphering the shape of a cluster of letters, not just the individual letters. Needless to say this is another type driven/minimal design. Although my main goal was to experiment with Thematic and find out how drastically the appearance could be changed with only CSS and a few hooks and filters. Boumatic has been tested mostly in Safari and Firefox in OS X but it should also maintain its look in IE 7+ outside of a few font discrepancies (Sorry Windows guys but this theme looks WAY better on Macs :-( ). This theme has NOT been tested for IE6 or eralier versions. Sorry.


Check out a live demo of Boumatic here.


Check out a few screenshots.


Boumatic is available as a Free download under the GNU General Public License, version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation. Basically you can do whatever you like with this theme. No links back to me are required but I would greatly appreciate it.

Download Boumatic
Download Thematic


To install, Upload the unzipped boumatic folder to your wordpress/wp-content/themes folder. Then upload the unzipped thematic folder to your wordpress/wp-content/themes folder. Your wp-content folder needs both the boumatic and the thematic theme folders to work. Once that’s done visit your WordPress Admin, select the Boumatic theme under the Design tab to activate it. That's it!

This theme is offered ‘as is’ so I don’t support theme customization but I will gladly help you with any bugs that you may find. Just leave a comment about it below.